Petals, Feathers & Stones

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Products on this page include…

-Flower petals, heart and petal shape


-Vase fillers, water beads & acrylic ice

-Table scatters

-Other accessories

Flower Petals

Please note with all flower petals displayed below are SILK, not fresh. Petals can be used for aisle decorations, to finish off centrepieces or just to add a splash of colour. All petals are $5.00 for 500 petals.

Fresh petals are available on request, please enquire for prices and availability of fresh petals.

Heart Shaped Petals

 ivory yellow white


 Yellow  White
 pink  sage green silver


Sage Green Silver


Flower Petals





Blue Chocolate


 Gold  Ivory


 Pink Mint


Peach Periwinkle


 Purple Red

 Royal Blue

Silver White

 Willow Green



Ostrich feathers are perfect for making an ostrich feather centrepiece. Our ostrich feathers are available in various sizes and we have lots of colours avaialble including the basic white and black plus pink, black purple and more. Depending on the use will depend on the price.

black fuschia gold
 Black Fushcia Gold
green ivory pink
Green Ivory Pink
purple red royal blue
Purple Red Royal Blue
turquoise white
Turquoise White

 Vase Fillers, Water Beads & Acrylic Ice

All vase fillers, water beads and acrylic ice will be prices with the centrepiece. If you require a product by its self please contact us to get a price.

 river stones  pearls aqua

Glass river stones

 Pearls  Water beads-Aqua
 black blue clear

 Water beads-Black

Water beads-Blue  Water beads-Clear
 glow in the dark gold green

 Water beads-Glow in the dark

 Water beads-Gold  Water beads-green
 ice tea orange pacific blue

 Water beads-Ice tea

Water beads-Orange Water beads-Pacific Blue
 pink purple rainbow

 Water beads-Pink

Water beads-Purple Water beads-Rainbow
 red  rose white

 Water beads-Red

 Water beads-Rose Water beads-White
 yellow s243980591733853044_p130_i9_w300 s243980591733853044_p131_i10_w300

 Water beads-Yellow

 Water beads-Pearl Gold Water beads-Pearl Fushcia
s243980591733853044_p132_i11_w300 s243980591733853044_p133_i12_w300 s243980591733853044_p134_i13_w300

 Water beads-Pearl Blue

 Water beads-Pearl Purple Water beads-Pearl White
 s243980591733853044_p135_i14_w300 ICE_100_CHOC  ICE_100_FUSH

 Water beads-Pearl Clear

 Acrylic Ice- Chocolate   Acrylic Ice- Fushcia

  Acrylic Ice- Rose

  Acrylic Ice- Clear   Acrylic Ice- Black

  Acrylic Ice- Burgundy

  Acrylic Ice- Lavender   Acrylic Ice- Blue

  Acrylic Ice- Pink

  Acrylic Ice- Purple  Acrylic Ice- Royal Blue

  Acrylic Ice- Lavender

Table Scatters

All table scatters will be prices with the centrepiece. If you require a product by its self please contact us to get a price.

blue clear fushcia

Table scatters 10mm- Blue

 Table scatters 10mm- Clear  Table scatters 10mm- Fushcia
 pink royal blue  aqua

 Table scatters 10mm- Pink

 Table scatters 10mm- Royal Blue Table scatters 10mm- Aqua
 black  purple  emerald

 Table scatters 10mm- Black

 Table scatters 10mm- Purple Table scatters 10mm- Emerald
 lavender  red  willow
 Table scatters 10mm- Lavender  Table scatters 10mm- Red Table scatters 10mm- Willow

 Table scatters 10mm- Yellow

 Clear__28472.1422254922.224.250  Gold__39073.1422254909.224.250  Orange__44005.1422254948.224.250

 Table Scatters 4.5mm- Clear

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Gold  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Orange
 Silver_Clear__29596.1422254977.224.250  Yellow__09004.1422254978.224.250  Light_Purple__59402.1422254945.224.250

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Silver

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Yellow  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Lavender
 Pink__90477.1422254958.224.250  Purple__27724.1422254963.224.250  Red__07911.1422254979.224.250

 Table Scatters 4.5mm- Pink

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Purple  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Red
 Silver_Purple__95795.1422254973.224.250  black  Blue__79635.1422254919.224.250

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Silver/Purple

 Table Scatters 4.5mm- Black  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Blue
 Dark_Green__57956.1422254915.224.250  Green__72165.1422254929.224.250  Light_Blue__13133.1422254947.224.250

  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Dark Green

 Table Scatters 4.5mm- Green  Table Scatters 4.5mm- Light Blue

Other Accessories

All other accessories will be prices with the centrepiece. If you require a product by its self please contact us to get a price.

 rocks mixed shells  frangapanis


 Seashells Frangipanis
 seashells rectangular marble plate  square marble plate


 Rectangular marble plates  Square marble plates
 bamboo shoots

 Bamboo sticks